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Modern Engagement Rings

Modern engagement rings usually refer to rings that depart from traditional engagement ring styles. These rings have halos, asymmetrical lines, colored metals, inset diamonds, anything to make them stand out. They can be overly simplistic or very detailed. In all

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Unique Engagement Rings

Shopping for an engagement ring doesn’t have to be a dreaded experience. With the right amount of knowledge about what to look for in a ring, coupled with your excitement about asking the girl of your dreams to marry you,

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Black Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamonds are found in many colors. Black diamonds are not exactly black, rather there are numerous dark inclusions and microscopic deposits of sulfides in the stone that impart dark color to it. Most naturally occurring black diamonds are not uniformly

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Pear Shaped Ring

Pear shaped rings are timelessly chic. A pear cut diamond engagement ring is part of the “brilliant cut family” and features a stone which is a hybrid between traditional round and marquise shapes. One end is rounded, and the other

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Rose Shaped Engagement Ring

With a broad appeal of beauty, floral ring designs are very diverse and can easily be adapted towards your preferences. If you are someone who finds traditional wedding ring designs predictable and cliché, rose shaped engagement rings are great alternatives

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Pink Gold Engagement Rings

Rose gold, also known as pink gold and red gold, was popular in Russia at the beginning of the nineteenth century, and was also known as Russian gold although this term is now obsolete. Rose gold jewelry is becoming more

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1 Carat Engagement Ring

Perhaps the most famous use of the diamond in jewelry is in engagement rings, which became popular in the early to mid 20th century due to an advertising campaign by the De Beers company, though diamond rings have been used

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