Black Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamonds are found in many colors. Black diamonds are not exactly black, rather there are numerous dark inclusions and microscopic deposits of sulfides in the stone that impart dark color to it. Most naturally occurring black diamonds are not uniformly black, instead have a greyish appearance.

black diamond engagement rings

Like regular diamonds, black diamonds consist of crystallized carbon but the difference in black diamonds is that the crystalline structure is multi-layered and denser. This crystalline structure of black diamonds is also called “carbonado”. The black color itself stems from innumerable inclusions of iron oxides and mainly graphite.
However, the black diamond that we market is solid in color and is almost opaque. The solid black color is rendered to dark-colored diamond using color enhancement technique. Due to solid black color, there is no refraction of light (like, other fancy colored diamonds), so diamond appears opaque. Black diamond has its own unique shine.

Natural fancy black diamonds do exist and owe their color to dark inclusions of graphite, sulfides or other minerals, but they are among the rarest of all Fancy colored diamonds and can only be found in the riverbeds and lakes of Brazil and the Central African Republic. Some scientists believe that black diamonds fell onto Earth as meteorites, following a stellar explosion in outer space more than two billion years ago. Another hypothesis is that they were formed through high-pressure conditions inside the Earth and then pushed to the surface through volcanic eruptions. The stones owe their color, which can range from the deepest black to dark grey, to inclusions of graphite, sulfides or other minerals.

black diamond engagement rings

As black diamonds do not refract light, they are generally cut round, oval or square. Black diamond engagement rings look wonderful when set in prong, pave or channel setting.

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