Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

cushion cutThe cushion cut is one of the oldest diamond cuts in the world. It is square shaped with rounded corners, but can also come in an elongated rectangle shape. It used to be known as the “old mine cut” and was the most popular cut until the 20th century. The cut traditionally does not have as many facets as most modern cuts, giving it less sparkle, but more fire and brilliance, which are the flashes of light and color that reflect off the diamond. Typically, this cut will have four or eight mains, which are kite-shaped facets between the girdle and the culet. Sometimes the cut is modified to include extra facets on the crown or pavilion, which jewelers call a “modified cushion cut,” to give it more sparkle.
cushion cut engagement ring
Here are some things to look for in a cushion cut engagement ring:
•Look for symmetry in the stone’s outline – the sides and corners should mirror each other in the amount of curve to avoid an off-shape.
•It’s typical for the girdle of a cushion cut diamond to vary in thickness: the girdle at the corners will be thicker than the girdle between corners. This area can be vulnerable to chipping if the girdle is extremely thin, so consider having the stone mounted in a bezel setting, rather than prongs, to protect the girdle from damage.
•There are a variety of cushion cut diamonds available: some can be as scintillating as round brilliant cuts, others may be fashioned for a softer look with less sparkle.
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