Engagement Ring Diamond Alternatives

diamond alternativesThe things that people love about diamonds in engagement rings is their durability, their hardness, that they hold their value, their sparkle, or brilliance, and their ability to retain that brilliance after they get dirty or worn. These qualities are what makes having an diamond in an engagement ring so appealing and common, but you do pay for all of those perks. Diamonds can be very expensive, especially big, well cut, perfectly colored diamonds. If you want people to think you have a huge diamond, but don’t want to pay for a huge diamond, there are a few options so you can get the size, sparkle, and admiration you want and not have to spend thousands.

The best option for this is probably moissanite. It has similar durability and sparkle and can be very difficult to distinguish from a diamond. While moissanite does occur naturally, it is rare, so most moissanite gems are created in a lab. It is not completely colorless, however, so in certain lights it may have a yellow or green tint. But then, so will a low quality diamond. While a pair of 1/2 karat diamond earrings in 14 karat white gold will cost $1,880, a pair of moissanite earrings in the same size and setting are $540.

White sapphire is another good substitute for diamonds. Sapphire stones come in all different colors, not just blue, and white sapphire is very hard to distinguish from diamond. They are also very durable and are a 9 on the hardness scale. They refract less light than diamonds do, making them less shiny and brilliant when they get dirty. This can be very hard to tell, though, unless compared side by side next to a diamond. The same 1/2 karat earrings in white gold are only $260, compared to the $1,880 diamond and $540 moissanite.

Cubic Zirconia is the cheapest diamond substitute. It is a synthetic mineral made in a lab that usually costs, on average, around $30 for a stone. It is hard, flawless, and colorless, but they scratch easily and don’t sparkle as well as diamonds, especially after they get dirty. 14 karat white gold earrings that are the same size as the diamond ones are only about $130, and most of that is for the gold in the earrings.

Substituting diamonds for less expensive alternatives can be a good financial decision, but diamond rings represent much more. They are an investment in an a piece of jewelry that will last years and years and hold its value and buying one for your fiancé is an investment in your relationship.

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