Pear Shaped Ring

Pear shaped rings are timelessly chic.

A pear cut diamond engagement ring is part of the “brilliant cut family” and features a stone which is a hybrid between traditional round and marquise shapes. One end is rounded, and the other end tapers to a point created by a bezel facet, much like that seen on a marquise diamond (although on some pear shaped stones a so-called “French tip” may replace the bezel facet). 58 separate facets must be created in the diamond in order to obtain a perfect pear shape. As you’d expect from a diamond first developed by the expert who mastered the concept of symmetry in diamond cutting, a pear cut stone requires perfect symmetry when it is created. Its point must be directly opposite the apex of the curved end, and each side must curve in exactly the same way with absolutely no straight edges and no “uneven shoulders”, which is the term used to describe arcs that aren’t quite the same.

pear shaped ring

That’s not where the requirements end for a high-quality pear shaped diamond; the stone’s flat surface (or table) must cover more than half of its circumference (preferably more than 53%). The diamond’s depth should be 53% or more of its width (preferably 58% or higher) in order to prevent what’s called the “bow tie effect”, when a shadow is cast throughout the center of the stone. The culet under the stone should be pointed and extremely small. And the length-to-width ratio should be between 1.5:1 and 1.65:1

The reason pear shaped diamond engagement rings are so graceful and captivating is their symmetry.

pear shaped ring

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